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The newest fad in cocktails - salt. Why?

Saline solution, especially 20%, which is a mixture of salt and water, is used in small amounts to add a touch of saltiness to cocktails. Here are a few reasons why bartenders and mixologists incorporate saline solution into their cocktail recipes: as it intensives the flavor. ,

Flavor Pop

Salt is known to enhance flavors and can bring out the best in other ingredients. Just like a pinch of salt can elevate the taste of food, adding a small amount of saline solution to a cocktail can help amplify the flavors and make the drink more well-rounded.

Balance and complexity

Salt has the ability to balance out the flavors in a cocktail by reducing bitterness and increasing perceived sweetness. It can help to smooth out the harsh edges of certain ingredients and create a more harmonious flavor profile. Additionally, the addition of saline solution can add a subtle layer of complexity to the drink.

Mouthfeel and texture

Salt can also contribute to the mouthfeel and texture of a cocktail. It can enhance the perceived viscosity and body of the drink, making it feel more pleasing and satisfying on the palate.


Saline Solution (20%)

·       1 Part Salt

·       4 Parts Water

·       Dissolve Salt completely in boiled water and let cool.

It's important to note that when adding saline solution to cocktails, it's typically done in very small quantities, usually measured in drops or dashes. The goal is to enhance the flavors without making the drink taste salty. Just a drop or two and of course, the amount of solution you want will vary. Start small and work it.

Overall, using a saline solution in cocktails can be a technique employed by bartenders to elevate the taste, balance, and overall drinking experience of a cocktail.

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