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Preparing Cocktails

Looking for a new cocktail to try?

Here you will find cocktail recipes that I've made from the Classics to new cocktails developed by other mixologists that I follow, as a well as few that I made myself. Enjoy!


About Mixology by Marc

Welcome to Mixology by Marc! My name is Marc, and I'm a cocktail enthusiast who loves experimenting with new flavors and ingredients. This blog is where I share my passion for mixology with the world. Here, you'll find a variety of cocktail recipes, from classic favorites to modern twists. I believe that mixology is an art form, and each drink is a unique masterpiece. Join me on this journey as we explore the world of cocktails together.


If you have a cocktail that you would like me try and possibly add or even have a recipe that you think is better than the one I have here please share with me as I would love to try it in this search of better cocktails!


I will also acknowledge where unique recipes have come to me. On the web there are some incredible mixologists to follow and I will call out some of my favorites for you to follow along the way...

Thanks for coming along with me...

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